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Spencer E-Gift

Expiry: Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue.
Voucher Code Delivery Period after 24 Hours of the successful purchase
Min Price 100.00      Max Price 5000.00 (INR)
Discount 15.00%


Product ID: 170
Category : Retail Store Gift Cards

Spencer’s Retail Limited is a multi-format food-first retailer providing a wide range of quality products to discerning young customers - well-traveled citizens of the world, looking out for authentic flavors and experiences in a fun-filled shopping environment. Spencer’s is positioned as a brand which Makes Fine Living Affordable – embodies this approach, delighting shoppers with the best products and services that enable a fine living at reasonable prices while providing them with a warm, friendly and knowledgeable retail environment.
This electronic gift card (E-GC) is redeemable at Spencer's store and and Spencer Grocery App*. This E-Gift Card is redeemable only once and only by the bearer. This E-Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. This E-Gift Card needs to be used in full. In case the value of the merchandise exceeds the value of E-GC, the difference shall be paid by the bearer. No refunds / credit note shall be issued for unused part of the E-Gift Card. Protect the E-Gift Card number and PIN to avoid misuse. Spencer's shall not assume any liability in case the E-GC PIN gets stolen/compromised, Spencer's shall neither replace the E-GC nor refund cash. Once the E-Gift Card is issued, Spencer's will not entertain any request for cancellation. Any exchange by the bearer will be considered a valid discharge of Spencer's liability. Spencer's reserves the right to alter any / all the terms and conditions of this E-Gift Card any time without prior notice. E-Gift Cards are normally delivered instantly. But sometimes due to system issues, the delivery can be delayed up-to 24 - 48 hours. No returns and no refunds on gift cards.
Visit the outlet near you. Before making the purchase confirm about the acceptance of Gift Card at the store. Choose the products you would like to buy. Show your Gift Card details to the cashier at the time of billing & pay any balance amount by cash or card.