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McCafe Card Silver E-Gift Voucher

Expiry: The card is valid for 1 year from date of purchase
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  • Hardcastle Restaurants Private Limited (“HRPL”) operates quick service restaurants in the West and South of India under the brand name of ‘McDonald’s’.
  • HRPL for ease of reference is hereinafter referred to as “McDonald’s”.
  • McDonald’s has introduced an ‘McCafe Card’ “the Card” or “card”.
  • The Card permits the owner to purchase products in McDonald’s restaurants across west and south of India.
  • The card can be used multiple times
  • The card is valid for 1 year from date of purchase
  • The card is available only in dominations mentioned on site of purchase;
  • The card needs to be activated by the customer before use. To activate the card customer has to send an SMS to 9975933517 as follows ACT16-Digit Card Number6 Digit Pin
  • Example: ACT 1234123412341234 654321 to 9975933517
  • The card can be used only for purchase in McDonald’s’ restaurants in the west and south of India;
  • The card can be used only for purchase of specific McCafé beverages (Small Cappuccino/Small Latte/Small Mocha/Small Flat white/Small Americano/Single shot espresso)
  • No other product can be combined with product ordered through McDonald’s E- Coffee card;
  • McDonald’s shall not be liable if the Card cannot be used at any particular restaurant due to technical errors or other such operating system glitches;
  • The card can be used to purchase any McDonald’s’ products at its restaurants only (It cannot be used on McDelivery App, SOK or any third-party app where McDonald’s ’products is listed);
  • The card can’t be exchanged for cash or any other tender.
  • Once the card has been purchased it is considered sold and cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or refilled;
  • No refund will be made for any lost card and no revalidation is allowed for expired gift card balance;
  • Maximum one card can be used per order; & maximum one coffee can be bought per day or per order
  • To check your balance, please send an SMS to 9975933517 as follows: BAL16-Digit Card Number E.g. BAL 1234123412341234
  • Please note, post a balance enquiry your OTP will be reset, and you will have to use the new pin for further redemptions.
  • McDonald’s at its own discretion may withdraw issuance/redemption of the card, without any prior notice in this regard;
  • McDonald’s maximum liability for any reason whatsoever shall not exceed the purchase value of the voucher;
  • Remaining balance in case if the order value is more than card value can be paid only through cash (No other mode of payment is acceptable)
  • For any further enquires, email at;
  • The usage of the Card is subject to force majeure conditions including acts of God, strikes, war, riots, change of law, lockdowns, statutory prohibitions/ restrictions and on occurrence of any force majeure event. In such cases at the sole discretion of McDonald’s the validity period of the Card maybe extended.
  • In case of any dispute or difference with respect to the promotion/offer, the decision of McDonald’s shall be final and binding on all concerned;
  • The courts at Mumbai alone shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters arising here from.
  • E-Gift Cards are normally delivered instantly. But sometimes due to system issues, the delivery can be delayed up-to 24 - 48 hours.
  • No returns and no refunds on gift cards.
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  • At the checkout, use your E-Gift Card to redeem it.